Twitter acquires Lightwell to improve conversations

Drive revealed the creation of applications Lightwell that was acquired by Twitter Inc. in a deal designed to get the team to work without disclosing their value.

Will the team work of the company Hullabalu developer to develop the Lightwell to work with Twitter as part of its efforts to improve conversations across the social network.

Under this acquisition, the Lightwell will be his tools for free to developers so that developers can develop the prototypes and designs and export to iOS without even having to log in or create a new account.

In case you have to use the Lightwell previously published application, it will not be affected by the outcome of this acquisition, but will not provide technical support or add more features to it.

And Twitter over the past months to improve the style of conversations and replies to tweets both in terms of quality control the content of the tweets and spamming advertisements, or to facilitate the way we communicate and interact.

And new features that we saw some visual modifications that allow to know the answers more quickly within the tweets, the serial number, as well as linking tweets together according to time in the collection of tweets long.

Currently Twitter several tests in order to improve the conversations, such as the possibility to hide the user’s responses to his tweets.

It is worth mentioning that the company Hullabalu was founded in 2017 and highlighted their products and services Lightwell that allows developers to create animations and interactive stories without programming expertise and its dissemination to run on iPhone and Android.

Recall that the company’s New York-based major and got a financing of $ 6.5 million.

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