Twitter allows for users of the iPhone posting Live Photos as GIF files

Announced the micro-blogging platform of Twitter for added support for Photos Live Photos of Apple TV to users devices iPhone computers iPad, so that will convert images direct Live Photos to animated GIFs when you are watching them on Twitter.

It came after four years after the launch of the Apple to water on iOS devices, and after that was Twitter had announced earlier this year that it plans to add support for Live Photos from the Apple devices I Or s iOS.

Provided Apple TV audio direct on the iPhone 6s in 2015, and I started Tumblr and Facebook in the same year to allow for their participation on their platforms, and while the managed iOS app from Google converted to GIF images since 2016, it has provided the Apple TV in 2017 a way to embed images direct to any site.

That the feature images Live Photos one of the camera options possible of the Apple iOS system, but if you try to post that photo direct to Twitter, will be presented as a static picture, which spoil the fun of those pictures.

In spite of the possibility to use the application to edit that picture direct to the moving pictures of type GIF and publish a GIF file, but these steps could be boring and make the user stay away from posting such images.

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And Twitter: you can start from today post the photo direct as GIF images directly on the product, without the need to convert.

And this feature is easy to use on the application of the social network on iOS, where the user can select the image from the camera when you write a tweet and then click the button GIF in the bottom left corner of the image in the window to create a tweet.

Separately, you keep Twitter to date on the quality of the JPEG image for all the operations of loading images via a version of its web site, and will continue to company social media pressure the thumbnails that users see in their timeline, however, when users click on the thumbnail to see the whole picture, you will be presented with high accuracy.

Announced engineer Twitter Nolan O’brien via a tweet, where will the company increase the EXIF data of the photo, explained to O’brien that the company will continue to impose restrictions on the pictures, but those restrictions would be broad, and it is said that users will be able to see the pictures up to 16 megapixel which will be preserved and the quality of the original.

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