Twitter are now hiding the offending tweets posted by public figures


Behold the executives in the company, Twitter recently that will make a number of changes to its platform social in the near future to assess the rate of arrival of tweets abusive of public figures. Today, the network decided to Twitter to announce these changes formally. Display notice new tweets from public figures of the day, especially tweets that violate the laws of society. So, if she wanted one of the public figures published a tweet contrary to the instructions, will Twitter notify users so violated all reduce the proportion of access to this tweet.

Twitter says that this notice will be applied only on the tweets that are posted from accounts belonging to political figures, users who were sure of their identity, and other accounts, which include more than 100 thousand follow-up.

If you are reporting on a tweet in violation of the guidelines, will decide the team at Twitter Inc. what if this was a matter of ” public interest ” or not. If they decide that, it will show the grey box before Twitter tells users that the tweets violate the instructions of the network but they can watch it if you double click the box.

With regard to these changes, said the network of Twitter by saying : ” in the past, we allowed the tweet of a certain breach of our rules, stay on the Twitter network because it was in the interest of the audience, but it was not clear when and how we make these decisions, “ she said, ” service talks include providing the ability for anyone to talk about what matters, and this can be particularly important while dealing with government officials and political figures “.


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