Twitter ask a general questionnaire about the mechanism of its cooperation with the media misleading, or counterfeit

Works Twitter continuously to provide context around the content you see and interact with people when you use their home to spy on what is happening in the world. Such deliberate attempts to mislead or confuse people through the media is fake and that the interpretation of the peace talks.

In this sense, Twitter announced recently about its plan for the year to get public input on a new policy to deal with the media false and misleading. Asked Twitter the views of the public before, judging from his eagerness -as-a-service open -to reflect the laws of the voice of the users. He also believes in the need to think from a global perspective, as well as to facilitate the understanding of decisions relating to the amendment content.

What is the media false and misleading in?

Require the Twitter rules, its services and its features permanently, based on any new behaviour is monitored via the internet. Consults the organization on a regular basis with experts and researchers to assist in the understanding of new issues such as the media false and misleading. Based on these consultations, it is proposed to Twitter the definition of media false and misleading as any pictures, videos, or sound has been changed or fabricated substantially in a manner designed to deceive others or change its original meaning. These media, also referred to as”Deeb of you” or “the chalet you”.

The following are ideas reviewed by Twitter about what he would do when monitoring the media false and misleading intentionally trying to deceive others or confuse:

Could Twitter says:
  • Put a notice next to the tweets that involved the media false and misleading;
  • Warning warbler prior to their participation or admiration for the tweet containing the media false or misleading; or
  • Add a link -for example, to an article or moments of Twitter – people can read more about why the adoption of a number of sources that this media is fake or misleading.
  • In addition, if you included the tweet media false or misleading pose a threat to the physical safety of someone or lead to serious damage to the other, Twitter will remove them.

Wanted Twitter to know the public’s views

Here, you’ll find brief survey, available in English, Hindi, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. As for the languages of the gas medium, the Twitter team works closely with local non-governmental organizations and policy makers to ensure representation of their views.

If preferred the audience tweets their opinion, see Twitter them also through the use of their tag the following:


In the case of she wanted to one of products View Twitter in the development of solutions to discover the media false and misleading, you can fill out this form.

Will be closing the door to submit proposals by Thursday, November 28 at 2:59 am KSA time. During this phase, will review Twitter proposals received by the start process policy is included in the Twitter rules, in addition to clicker training on the implementation of the laws have Twitter on how to deal with this content. Will Twitter make an announcement at least 30 days before the entry policy into effect.

Emphasizes Twitter’s commitment to serving the public conversation on Twitter and do the turn in a manner that is open and transparent.

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