Twitter banned the advertising of cryptocurrency

A week ago, sources reported about the imminent ban advertising of crypto-currencies and token-ICO Twitter. Thus, the social platform had to join Facebook and Snapchat, which already issued a relevant instruction. The rumors were true — now to place promotional recordings on the website will not work.

Ban the cryptocurrency. Now, social networks

The ban was confirmed officially, reports RBC. In the list of undesirable for those caught selling tokens, ICO, cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrency exchanges. Advertising publications with similar content should no longer appear in the feed of users.

This is much more of a hassle on the platform deliver scamera. The fake accounts disguised as celebrities and promise to give away stocks of cryptocurrency. To participate you need to send a small part of the coin, but that they are crooks and prey.

The CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey promised to deal with this problem. What is the principle of resistance had chosen the leadership is unknown.

For example, a successful advertising ban cryptocurrencies from Facebook is difficult to call. The social network continues to meet the records about the courses on work with coins. It seems to merge user data is much easier than to fulfill the promise.

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