Twitter begins to organize his follow-up accounts of Russian malware

تويتر الأخبار الكاذبة

تويتر الأخبار الكاذبة

The network posted a Twitter statement about the latest on the Russian intervention in the elections of the American and Russian accounts of malicious associated with it.

Confirmed the Twitter network at the beginning of the statement it will send emails to all users in the United States of America who did the follow-up to one of those fake accounts, or to interact with one of the tweets that she posted, according to them, the number more than 677,775 almost anyone.

The total of the accounts of the agents of the Russian intelligence to 3814 account almost, has published more than 176 thousand tweets. Police also found more than 13 thousand accounts automated boards were smart, and those accounts left behind by the others, also a Russian.

Adopted Twitter on some of the control mechanisms to see if the account is automated by monitoring the deployment at specific times repeatedly per day, with rapid response to tweets and messages, and the interaction of the organization with events, this means that the calculation behind its intelligent software by very large and lead to send the account for review immediately to ascertain the validity of what they publish.

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