Twitter campaign for a new person to offensive comments during the broadcast

 - تويتر تشن حملة جديدة على بيرسكوب للتخلص من التعليقات المسيئة خلال البث periscope

Twitter announced that it started a plan to implement a new campaign on the broadcast service to the direct person to make the service safer for users, where they will take strong action against offensive comments and users during the broadcast of the video initiative.

The company says that the campaign will be starting from 10 August, on which, the police team will block the offending accounts from the commentary during the video broadcast as well as stop it if necessary. It also invited all users to report offensive comments when you see them during the broadcast.

The Twitter amendments to the new Privacy Policy for violations as it is current with the actions carried out by the young mother.

Recall that the users on the person they can write comments during the broadcast, but said the surveillance on the streaming service make it a place fertile for the comments abusive and bigger than Twitter itself.

The Twitter campaign a new person get rid of offensive comments during the broadcast appeared first on the tech world.

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