Twitter choose a property new to the Twitter key in a series of responses

تويتر تختبر خاصية جديدة لتحديد التغريدة الرئيسية ضمن سلسلة الردود

Say Twitter at the current time testing add new feature in a series of responses based on the visibility of the logo next to the Twitter homepage in the string the user recognize with ease the original source of the tweet, which looks very useful to prevent include the user in the case of follow-up tweets and influencers that are the impetus and many of the details, therefore, his entry in the heart of the matter and avoid misunderstandings and experiences faster and faster with product users others.

Where the idea to add logo Mini down the address of the account to tweet the basic in a series of responses containing the “Original Tweeter” any “warbler basic” in a contrasting color, fun and allows for them quickly; where the organization began already to publish this feature for a few users for each copy of my Android and iOS pilot as reported by the website TechCrunch.

Calling on the company to test new features on the beta version in general in these cases before the launch of curse users via the official app, to allow the opportunity to take the audits and correction of any defects notice the property in addition to design currently need to work more on hand to highlight the important responses and the use of color coordination in the responder chain.

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