Twitter choose the search feature in the messages and support live audio

The many advantages of began to Twitter in the tested during the current period in order to change the shape of the product by adding many innovative features.

تويتر تختبر ميزة البحث في الرسائل وأخرى لدعم الصور الحيةTwitter choose the search feature in the messages and support live audio

After that I started testing a feature to get alerts about replies to the tweets of a specific feature, and the other to get alerts on a specific subject nested on the platform, began to Twitter in the selection of other advantages additional centered about enabling research in direct messages finally after a long wait, what confirms its quest to make the messaging feature more overlap between users on the platform.

Wasn’t the search feature in the messages extra thing the only one working on the company, where I started testing a feature to support the live sound.

Centered feature live images about the possibility of recording a snapshot of what the form of a moving image dissemination on the way to Snapchat and Instagram, meaning that the user will be able to record images like “part of the story” as was the case with the applications of other social media.

Besides this feature, the Twitter has begun testing a different feature to help users to rearrange the images by the app itself.

On the other hand, the company does not want to stop to make the home environment safe and healthy for users with the addition of many options.

But I can say that the most important things that the company tested centered around messaging feature and converted to add a key for users, means more thinking on the product and maybe increase the number of users later, thanks to the provision of privacy of Facebook applications different.



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