Twitter choose to add the “definition of terms” the bottom of the feature moments

تويتر تختبر إضافة "تعريف المصطلحات" أسفل ميزة اللحظات

Publication of a press who seem interested for the moment ” Moments” image for the new Water Works Twitter to develop it always, so that The Shape of the new brewing company showed a definition of the terms in the box under the tweet containing it.

It can be said that the new addition will significantly test time and effort for users who do not know the specific term they go to search for it online, but at the same time you’ll find it difficult to emerge with different languages other than English.

Featured this add-on smartphone application without having it on the desktop version according to the website TechCrunch, which is of course provided definitions for some of the tweets English.

Since we are a users cart, the like this addendum you will need a longer time to reach us as any other matters relating to the playing of most of the technical companies because of the difficulty of the Arabic language and its dialects, but it is possible to stop part of the terminology colloquially known as Easter review the Wikipedia model like.

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