Twitter choose to follow up the interest to view tweets about it

نمو بطيء في مستخدمي تويتر والشركة تحقق الأرباح مجددًا

Trying to Twitter is always to prove itself as the place to follow the news and know every new about the world, and within this trend, choose a new way to follow so that users can follow interests and to the exposure of the tweets from different accounts belong to her.

Thanks to machine learning algorithms and the ability of Twitter on the content analysis of the tweets and sort them by their subject matter, they can compile tweets about certain subjects and arrange them according to their importance and interact with them and display them to you in the time lane?

Currently the test only being on Android and within mathematical topics specifically, such as poverty or the players or the sport. It can be said that this new method resembles the tab of exploration and Discover, but more accuracy and specificity.

Let’s say you’re interested in the news team Barcelona or Real Madrid or a particular brand, you can simply follow their account official to your Twitter, but this water is different, where you can follow it as attention and therefore will give you Twitter tweets related to it, which activates its other accounts.

If entered to the account of any other person, you can find concerns that follow from the person’s profile. This feature will give officially the end of the year after ending tests on different classifications.

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