Twitter deployed a new feature for their application that allows hosting viewers during the live broadcast

تويتر توفد خاصية جديدة لتطبيقها تتيح استضافة المشاهدين خلال البث المباشر

Will the social platform of Twitter to its users from hosting My Feelings broadcast direct via the app, in a way similar to its last link Rico the end of February last, to distinguish the product of this step approach announced earlier by making the home theater Interactive is the largest that meets the needs of all users, as it allows new access to the accession of three people, the owner of the broadcast directly to the format of the conference calls.

It seems that Twitter saw in the expansion of the property and provided via the main platform had a positive impact, since he met his approbation by the users of Rico in different regions of the world, where will the property hosting the same way available on the PRSP, which enables the guests to send a request to participate in the broadcast to tell them after admission to hear the conversation of all parties as well as allow them to participate via the microphone to be heard. to all of the participants in the broadcast and viewers of his.

Also participating in the broadcast can get out of it at any time for a chance to receive invitations to other participants to access the broadcast after the approval of its owner, it is worth mentioning that the property is now available on the app in the Android and iOS to enable enthusiasts to broadcast across the region to enjoy the experience immediately highlight the star-up of their permanent for the rest of the audience.

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