Twitter fix a glitch and was accidentally sharing information on the location of users


Think a lot of applications on our website to improve its services. For example, a battle where we Where called to provide better information about the weather, or where you can save your taxi on request, or where we can find the nearest pharmacy. The privacy and location that we’re in is very sensitive, and this is the reason that some of you might be a little upset about what happened network Twitter recently.

The company recently announced in her blog on the official site they have encountered a glitch in the system they collect information about users ‘ locations and share them by mistake on iOS devices with one of the ” trusted partners “. Why does the company disclose the back and tried to minimize the importance of the data collected but assured its users that the data obtained by its partner might have been deleted already.

According to the network’s Twitter, he has stated by saying : ” we fixed this problem and we are working hard to make sure does not occur again. I agree also with the people who were affected by their account to inform them that the bug has been fixed. We invite you to check your privacy settings to make sure you share only the data you want with us. “

It is not clear whether this declaration will be sufficient to satisfy its users, but as we have said, it seems that the location privacy is a sensitive subject, so it remains to be seen whether there will be fallout extra for this or not. In the meantime, maybe it would be better for you to check some of your privacy settings on the Twitter network.

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