Twitter: fix the process of documenting the accounts is not a priority currently

تويتر اصلاح عملية توثيق الحسابات ليست أولوية حاليا

Stop Twitter a while ago about the process to fix the problem of documented accounts on the platform to answer the Kayvon Beykpour explain when he that there is more to this problem currently as it seeks to focus on the integrity of the upcoming elections in the United States.

As is known, authentication on social media sites, whether Twitter or Facebook are the process of encoding the name of the Account Holder’s Blue label , which indicate that he is actually the owner of the account after providing the documents to that effect. No documentation of any case that what is published on this documented account of his credibility.

Works a lot of celebrities and public figures and appropriate documentation as the need to prevent confusion between them and of trying to set up pages and spoof their identity, this feature stopped a while ago as the explanation no longer could one documented account of his work the blue into being to fix this problem, which will not work to fix the teachers in the technical support section in the Twitter by the end of the year course and the completion of the next election.

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