Twitter fixed one of the main problems of the security settings of your account

It’s time to change the security settings of your account on Twitter, that’s because the company has finally fixes one of the most prominent problems that were facing the users, a feature two-step verification, which was asking you to compulsorily enter your phone number to activate it.

Now, will allow Twitter users to activate two-step verification without having to enter their phone numbers. And if this wasn’t a feature familiar to you, it adds an extra layer of security to your account, making it difficult to hack.

The problem is that the two-step verification was linked to the phone number, so that whenever you try to log in to your account of Twitter from a new device, is to send a text message to your phone to provide entered, this command displays your account at risk, so that there is a very good chance for hackers to intercept this message and get an activation code, while the message is not up for users sometimes, making it difficult for the users to login to their accounts for several days, as happened to me personally.

That’s why it’s recommended by most security experts information using the two-step verification-based applications such as Google Authenticator, which generates authentication codes easily and safer.

Source: Twitter

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