Twitter follow Instagram where they fight the misinformation about vaccines is developing a new search tool

تويتر تلحق إنستقرام في محاربة المعلومات المضللة حول اللقاحات بتطوير أداة بحث جديدة

Twitter has announced that it has developed the new search tool to help people avoid misinformation about vaccines, so the results of research on the subject will appear from reliable sources particularly the Department of Health and social services in the United States of America.

And need social media big questioning legal institutions and activists due to the presence of content deceptive about vaccines, which is what made Facebook, blocking tags on the subject on the platform of Instagram where they, and now makes Twitter the development of a search tool to help users access information that is accurate and reliable.

There was a campaign of misleading and trying to urge people to avoid vaccines, especially in the United States and talk about their damage without any proof of a Scientific which has led to the reluctance of people about vaccines and the development of certain diseases recently, which I had to take important steps to avoid it especially since social networking is the most important factor in the intake of information currently.

Available new tool to copy Twitter apps for Android and iOS copy and the location of the phone, in addition to the updated desktop, available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Korea, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Latin American countries speaking in Spanish, and then will be made available in other countries.

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