Twitter founder says that his company is thinking of adding the option of modifying tweets

مؤسس تويتر يقول أن شركته تفكر بإضافة خيار تعديل التغريدات

It seems that thinking Twitter is like a more heavily by Facebook, after start of the test feature the need for personal communication and the way the new replies on Twitter, said Network founder and CEO Jack Dorsey that his company is thinking of adding a icon to the bottom of the tweets called for amendment.

It can be said that this idea will add some more to investigate, try to avoid spelling mistakes, but at the same time you tell one of the most important advantages of Twitter, which revolves around the credibility of tweets, and install the reviews and facts about users and the ability to change only with the full.

Dorsey said while attending an event in New Delhi, India, that the company is thinking carefully add the Edit icon on the tweets before making it real, where it is possible to help avoid spelling errors. But he complete his talk that the company does not want to allow to modify the tweet is open, so is the exploitation of water and adjusting the tweets according to their content and then change the old perspectives.

It was Dorsey had been through since 2016 the thinking of the company in add the Edit icon on Twitter, but never anything about this until now because of the unwillingness of the company to make it a feature to change facts and opinions later.

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