Twitter has blocked the accounts when trying to call Elon Musk

In March, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey promised to fight fraud in social networks, which offer “free” cryptocurrency, counterfeiting accounts of famous entrepreneurs and experts.

The fulfillment of this promise took almost six months now the platform began to block users if they try to change the name of your account on Elon Musk. About it writes “RIA Novosti”.

When Twitter will be safe

The social network says that since February there were several thousand fake accounts Mask, the owners of which try to steal users ‘ money by distributing “free” cryptocurrencies. The attackers offered to send some coins in their wallet as “confirmation”, and in response promised to return a large amount.

Twitter has announced that it automatically locks the account, whose name changed to Elon Musk. While The Verge notesthat to remove this kind of lock is easy — simply enter the captcha and confirm the phone number.

The company refused to comment on the data on the availability of this vulnerability. A representative of Twitter said that in the near future the system will work and names of other famous entrepreneurs.

Changes in the security policies of Twitter users are waiting for a long time — but so far only got a system that works half. It’s funny that a lot of scammers complained about the Musk. The decrease in the volume of cryptocurrency fraud after the taken actions hard to believe.

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