Twitter has updated its privacy policy, what’s new?

With a big focus on Facebook recently, it’s easy to forget the other companies that collect your data. Twitter is one of them, and if you are wondering about how to collect data and use and share them, then you are lucky, where the company disclosed the privacy policy of the recently refurbished.

Comes this update to the Privacy Policy middle of a massive wave of updates to privacy in the technology sector, all that in response to a new set of regulations of the European Union. Companies all over the world to update their policies to comply with the general rules of the data protection in the European Union.

These Regulations give users new rights in Europe to access the data collected by companies about them with the possibility to delete, and will become effective on 25 May. And when that time comes, will the new privacy policy of Twitter into force.

What’s new in the privacy policy of Twitter is?

Twitter is a public network, so why talk about privacy?

Certainly, the use of Twitter looks a bit like a stand in a corner on the street with a megaphone to talk across it. So it may be confusing some thing to talk about private matters openly, especially your opinions and your comments and your memories.

Twitter is pretty much like Facebook, you collect data from your device and can follow you from your phone to the computer to the other computer, add it to the collection of data from websites that you visit which includes content from Twitter regardless of whether you’ve logged in to the service or not.

Twitter collect your contact information about your friends and family week or contacts for commercial or any other number in your contacts in case you search for friends by Contacts.

All of this data will give twitter the fast of the rich from your web browsing interests.

How to use Twitter data personal?

The company says it uses your data to display ads that you think will attract your interest.

We use the information described in this Privacy Policy to help make our advertising more relevant to you’.

Privacy Policy Use use of the word “relevant” 6 times, in reference to advertising in addition to the tweets that you might want to share on the home page of people you don’t follow them, Add to make the ads more effective and suitable to your interests based on the collected data including age, language and gender.

Do you have any opinion on these data collected?

Allows you to Twitter unsubscribe in many ways in which it uses information to customize the ads by the 25th of May, where if it’s this material you agree to the new Privacy Policy.

You can change the privacy settings varied, including ads based on interests, in addition to allowing or preventing the social network from tracking you across devices, use your geographic location to customize ads.

For in these settings, go to your account settings and select “privacy & security” in the list to the right or left according to the language use of the service. Then he moved down to the “customization data” and select Edit and the appropriate adjustments for you.

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