Twitter hasn’t set a date yet for re-opening the document the accounts

تويتر لم تضع موعداً حتى الآن لإعادة فتح باب توثيق الحسابات

At the end of last year, Twitter stopped her car in the documented accounts in the blue for everyone, because of the gaps that appeared in the system and document the accounts of the gas are real, and promised at the time of the reorganization of the policy documentation and its users to document their account naturally without an appointment.

According to him kaif of web traffic Product Manager in the company, the process looks like and they will ask more, as he said on his account on the internet that re-opened the door of the documented accounts of the pan is not a priority for the company currently, although the company is aiming to re open the door again later.

He said web traffic to the company’s goal now is to put up an environment Secretariat of users and solve problems relating to the protection of the user, and then will re-consider opening the door of the documented accounts to the public through a new policy to avoid the policy mistakes of the previous.

Recall that the process of documenting the accounts of large institutions and accounts and advertising still work normally, but it’s about documented accounts of people such as journalists, writers and influencers.

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