Twitter hit Tweetbot shut down most of its advantages because of the new policy

تويتر تضرب Tweetbot بإيقاف أغلب مزاياه بسبب السياسة الجديدة

I started Twitter a few months ago a fierce campaign to maintain the network environment is free of problems, it has included a big change a car to use, especially the use of the application user interface API that was used by the third-party applications and considered the company a threat to the safety of the environment of Twitter.

The application is considered Tweetbot from famous third-party apps that use Twitter, but it seems that the end of the application will be close with the renewal of the policy on the use of the API and some difficulties on the service.

Under the new changes, the automatic update for the home page of the “times” will stop the update directly using wifi, but they will speak every 1-2 minutes automatically instead. As to notifications of private messages and comments will be delayed for several minutes, which means the emergence of late compared with the actual time.

Strange also, that notices your impressive, re-tweet, quote tweets, and follow-up will be cancelled in full, which means that the app won’t show any hint when you follow someone you or Retweet one of your tweets – which is like watching a recorded match instead of watching them directly.

Besides, the partner activity and the statistics that the app will stop with the actions of Twitter, which is the case with the full application Tweetbot for smart watches.

This move means that Twitter wants to attract users and knowledge about the way of its main applications, so probably comes to complete the step company, which is seeking through its re-banning users who survived the ban during the last campaign.

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