Twitter increase of thousands of accounts associated with the Iranian government

Illustrated by Twitter that it had removed approximately 4800 account suspected orbit or directly linked to the Iranian government, in an attempt by Twitter to prevent interference in the election and publication of false information in the region.

And Twitter since October 2018 transparency reports on their investigations in connection with operations against the accounts subsidized by the state, which publish misleading information, by relying on data sets of more than 30 million tweets.

And the latest report of transparency about the suspension of thousands of accounts linked to Iran, and premium accounts of Iran into three categories according to their activities.

Twitter has said: We believe that people and organizations that enjoy the benefits of institutional strength which are going to service, we intentionally do not promote the students health, but actively working to undermine it.

The report pointed out that over 1,600 accounts have been removed had they sent nearly a million tweets posted content to tell me a world that supports and benefits from the perspectives of diplomacy and geo-strategy of the Iranian state.

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In addition, the Twitter comment 248 accounts appear to be linked to the Iranian government engaged in the public debate concerning Israel.

Accounts remaining 2865 account, you may use a set of characters fake to target conversations about political and social issues in Iran and the world.

Showed the latest numbers of Twitter she removed the four accounts of Russia as part of its investigation in the Research Agency internet Russian IRA, which is the center of governmental actors in St. Petersburg sent more than 10 million tweets to try and influence the politics of America between 2013 and 2018.

Also removed 33 account managed by a business entity in Venezuela was linked to approximately 764 account was removed in the sixth, which was linked to the agency’s research internet Russian also, but they managed it in Venezuela.

The report included approximately 130 account Spain fake linked with the independence movement Catalan published false information related to the referendum on the independence of Catalonia.

Announced Twitter in the month of February last for the Prohibition of its approximately 2600 account linked to Iran; and 418 account linked to the agency’s research internet Russian IRA suspected of interfering in the elections.

And download the Twitter platform to intensify the processes of disclosure and against the campaign of misinformation subsidized by the state before the elections of 2020, and after that concluded investigation by the U.S. government that there is a campaign of the Russian methodology to assess its democratic process.


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