Twitter is able to fix the process of documenting the accounts currently

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Announced Twitter today via tweets posted by Kayvon Beykpour, head of the organization, they are not able to fix the process of documenting the accounts at the current time, a process that provides a bookmark, the blue of the Auditor General, comes in spite of the recognition of Twitter is the constant that must provide clear process steps and transparent about the issue of documenting accounts and get the blue label.

The combination of accounts is not specified, including world leaders, celebrities and athletes, business executives, journalists, along with ordinary people, they got the blue label, and the company emphasizes that the documentation is intended mainly to confirm the authenticity of the account, not a reference to any type of authentication, but easy to lack of any system specific or clear reason to merge the two.

And Jack Dorsey Jack Dorsey, the CEO of the company, in the month of March for a new approach to documentation that would allow any user to perform the authentication process and get the blue marker in a repeatable way, without interference or bias by Twitter.

He explained Kayvon Beykpour that his team temporarily stopped for the repair process documentation and re-activated, depending on the They do not constitute a high priority for the organization, and instead, the team focuses Twitter on the integrity of elections and combating misinformation in the Mid-term elections coming in the United States in the month of November and political demonstrations in other parts of the world.

The official said via tweets: “this will help us focus on moving faster on what we think is most important, we choose to address the issue of documentation after that we make further progress, this may occur within four weeks, although the schedule may change”.

The company says at the current time, it will grant the blue marker for authentication on an ad hoc basis, the site may be declared in the month of November for off the authentication process in order to provide a better system later and try to find a way to deal with confusion about what you mean by relationship documentation blue, with continuation of the grant for a number of accounts when they think it serves the conversation general and in line with company policy.

This has led to the emergence of a group of credits because the process is still opaque and interferes with the intended, he explained Kayvon Beykpour in an e-mail message was sent to the Twitter team that it is not considered to have Twitter capability is currently addressing this problem in a comprehensive manner without compromising the other priorities include the Group’s attention, said “We are already doing many things very, focus on this now will reduce our speed and quality of the most critical areas such as the integrity of the election”.

And allows the existence of a relationship documented blue to calculate what to provide credibility and evidence for this account, and many other social networking sites such as Facebook to provide such as the brand’s Blue, where a lot of Internet users to the account holders of the Royal for the blue in order to get thoughts official and honest, so in the presence of a lot of the sites are fake news and misinformation that is posted.

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