Twitter is on its way to the icon of admiration to increase the interaction on the network

تويتر في طريقها للتخلي عن أيقونة الاعجاب لزيادة التفاعل على الشبكة

After the submission of the feature preferences in 2015 and then converted into admiration later, Twitter seems to be on its way to cancel the icon for the network on the instructions of the executive director and co-founder Jack Dorsey, which does not seem a big fan of having her down the tweets.

According to sources the tail of the Telegraph , the British, the Jack Dorsey told company employees last week in one of the actual he doesn’t like why you see the icon of admiration down the tweets, and there are no rid of them soon.

Welcomes Dorsey by getting rid of the icon to increase the interaction network in Twitter, and may be right to talk about the heart no admiration to retweet which means to access tweets directly to a larger number, thus increasing the interaction.

But on the other hand, the removal of this feature means that many users will lose part of their organization to their calculations, especially in case they put their tweets is important in the list of preferences or admiration.

The truth is that this step is not the first idea of the company to increase the interaction, where it is currently testing the feature arethe responses of the bottom of the tweets differently and add a trend index.

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