Twitter is taking new steps against users violators who survived the suspensions last

تويتر تتخذ خطوات جديدة ضد المستخدمين المخالفين الذين نجو من الإيقافات الأخيرة

Twitter has announced the new steps to be taken towards the accounts that contravene the use policy on the network which had been spared from suspension or ban during the strong campaign carried out by the company on account of the violation and the Phantom.

The company said it will take strong action to stop the accounts of users who broke her car and tried to flee the dangers of their actions and use of fake profiles, in order to keep the network safe for users.

According to a tweet the company on Twitter, there are some users who have tried Twitter once again to Twitter after the ban, the company seems to mean users create new accounts or deal in a roundabout way to use the grid, so there will be action next turn off users.

It can be said that turn off users are a step ahead of the police, not only their accounts, as could the same people create more than one account to tweet how they want, but the new procedures will be able to stop people in full and not just one account at most.

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