Twitter is testing a feature that allows the emergence of important news the top of the page the main


Confirmed to Twitter that he chooses a new algorithm to test the timeline of your users, which allows the emergence of more tweets by news the top of the timeline when the occurrence of great events, while confirming the location of the Twitter short that users will be able to test this new feature, but speaking on behalf of the site stated to BuzzFeed that this algorithm will become Automatic in the future.

And the water began to reach to the users after the death of the world, Stephen Hawking, which featured tweets related top of the home page on their devices, the iPhone, in addition to other news of the election of your Congressman in Pennsylvania, also issued a suit against Fox News also several home pages for users.


Said Keith Coleman of the Twitter website in a statement: “people come to Twitter to see what is happening, therefore we are working on finding ways to make it easier for everyone to find relevant news and updates surrounding so they can stay abreast of what matters to them.”

Likely to be this new feature is linked to Twitter Now Happening Now which gathers tweets about current events with, although they are usually used for the sports.

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