Twitter is working on a new policy and the participation of users in

تويتر تعمل على سياسة جديدة وتطلب مشاركة المستخدمين فيها - twitter

Twitter announced on a blog network, it is working on a new policy to use regarding the so-called “inhuman”, where she spent the last three months, the development of a new policy for speech and speech which reduces the categories of different users and does not need its directions.

The company said it collaborated with a number of legal institutions and consultancy to develop a new policy that differ somehow from the car to use regular and the politics of anti-work, since that policy was to contain items did not include the Prevention of the kissing of the others as appeared later.

According to what appeared in a police statement, they work to expand the circle of policy on the Prevention of violence and hatred on the web through better content, which reduces the others.

Varies the term Dehumanization or inhuman which the company is seeking to develop a policy about it, from the definition to the last, and even that it is different from seeing a person or group as compared with the others, but she requested the assessment of the users and listen to their opinions to understand the topic from different perspectives – from here.

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