Twitter launches a feature to hide the responses in Japan and the United States of America

After a period of experiments lasted for months in the state of Canada Twitter has announced the launch of the feature to hide the replies of the controversial officially in the United States of America and Japan.

The idea is simply to be able to the owner of the Twitter of hide some of the responses that it deems inappropriate to show within the responses to other user who can also see all the replies after pressing the button to show the tweets hidden.

Twitter confirmed that the objective of launching this feature is to encourage users to think carefully before writing responses and broadcast on the readings and responses, unethical and other posts safety.

Twitter believes that the hide reply is a good solution compared with deletion of existing posts in Instagram and Facebook where I hide the reply will be the reply bad to participate well in the future before using other options such as Prohibition of communications that need time to be negotiated with them.

On the other side sees a lot that this water will kill the advantage of the exchange of existing views on Twitter where will be the suppression of the opinions of the violation to the owner of the tweet that kills the fun of the tweets and the topic under discussion is poor and non-integrated.


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