Twitter launches a new interface to the web a number of shortcuts, new icon icons

تويتر تطلق واجهة جديدة لنسخة الويب بعدد من الاختصارات الجديدة وأيقونة للرموز

Launched company Twitter new user interface for version desktop contains a number of new features; adding icon symbols highlighted with a number of shortcuts that facilitate the launch of Twitter users version web via computers.

And add the icon symbols in the lower right side of the window the tweet to the user which needs a wide selection of icons and choose any of them easily and quickly with the option of also searching for the icon, in addition to that the new interface has abandoned the evaluation of the vertical form, triple the previous content and respect with only two private viewing Tweets one of the special list of the trend that has been moved to the right side, to show the reality of a more systematic approach and provides ease in handling and interacting with followers by focusing the main area on the content of the tweets.

In this update is available to all users of Twitter through web version for the moment as that Twitter didn’t remember the category or specific area targeted by this update, in particular; which means he’s probably coming for all users of the site with a notice will be none of them when given this option, and can be found on the form of a new interface through the following video published by the organization:

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