Twitter launches bottom navigation bar for all users on the Android platform,


I started Twitter today launched the bottom navigation bar for all users. The launch of this change for the first time in the trial version of the application Twitter a few months ago, and is now making its way to the official version of the stable app.

No change requires no update from the Google Play Store as long as you use the latest version of Twitter application on your smart phone, and that the change occurs automatically from the server side. It should be noted that the bottom navigation bar works mainly on the transfer of the main sections of the upper, such as the main page and the moment the notifications and messages to the bottom.

Match this with the guidance design language Material Design of Google, which now admits that the navigation bars at the top should become in the bottom of the page because that makes it easier for users to access on smartphones with large corporations. In fact, you can now move from the first tab to Tab, the fourth in the Twitter application directly without the need to drag three times or extend the thumb. It also removed the ability to scroll between the tabs according to the instructions.


At the current time, tape up too much space at the bottom of the app, so you’ll see less content than you were doing before. It also doesn’t disappear when scrolling as it should. It’s gonna take some time to get to non-scrolling and clicking on them. Still some parts of the user interface in the top of the list, such as the search bar, so it didn’t end after the problem extend your thumb to reach some elements of the application. In general, the longer the change is a good thing used you users soon.

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