Twitter launches feature organize tweets according to the time of their official publication list Android

تويتر تطلق خاصية تنظيم التغريدات وفقاُ لوقت نشرها لتطبيق الأندرويد رسمياً

Launched Twitter yesterday, Wednesday clean option to display tweets in the timeline in conventional terms depending on the time of the publication of its official application for landed, so after a period of experimentation and only one month of its launch on the iOS version.

Where the chirp of the region through its account official about the availability of this property for all users of Android since yesterday, and received a great welcome from the users since they lend an air of arrangement in the follow-up tweets to friends and followers directly and Luke launched.

Thus to avoid their drowning in the way the previous supply of the building to view the tweets because of their importance regardless of the time of Twitter, which has embraced Twitter since 4 years and it was caused buy when most of the users.

In still the option to show according to tweets, most importantly available to the user, he can navigate between them with ease, and choose the way that suits him by clicking on the icon of the stars at the top of the timeline fiddle illustrating the image attached to the tweet house in this regard:

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