Twitter launches major improvements in the camera to facilitate and accelerate the registration of events

Think the Twitter platform is the fastest in the Battle of the last events around the world, they are the platform that enables the user to find out what he likes or dislikes in speed I don’t find in other platforms.

This interaction of Twitter made it launches a significant improvement in the function of take pictures and videos and live streaming with the aim of facilitating the process of covering the events posted in the area, and I had the opportunity to experience fast the new camera and I found it better than the previous for several things.

The first is speed of access; previously when wanting to use the camera inside the Twitter application, the user is forced to press the button posted a tweet and then choose the pictures and then find the camera icon, now all the user has to do is drag from right to left during his presence in the timeline of his account will not function the camera.

The second command to update the camera, it’s that its interface is much simpler than the previous, then enter the camera find you have the option to meet the live broadcast, and in the case of taking pictures or video the user can shoot video continue by clicking on the capture button, in the case of taking pictures, all you need is press one time the button capture, and then choose a pickup location where they appear the most prominent sites that are around you and then choose what suits you or not annexation of the site with the photo or video.

And also the developers of the app add a nice touch and simple process to attach the text with image or video, where it became possible to choose the background color for (currently there are 6 colors only).

It’s the latter, is to lead Twitter to improve the way images are presented in the timeline, after the publication of Twitter, the photos or videos will appear prominently within a large frame inside Twitter in addition to the appearance of the text of the Annex are great and the blog background chosen by the user, here is an example.

The only negative that I found in the update, they are to capture video clips has become such as a way to Snapchat in the past, when the desire to portray the lengthy clip, then holding down the shutter button, and this from my point of view is tired and useless in case you want to use a camera Twitter to cover some of the events.

The camera in new Twitter will be available today for general users will be available in the Twitter application on Android and iOS.

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