Twitter launches new design version desktop

Last August, revealed Twitter they choose to design a new version of the desktop includes a feature exploring bookmarks. And now after several months, the company launched a new design for a limited number of users.

The new design is characterized by the appearance of a cleaner, more streamlined and Modern, where there are many changes including a special button for icons and emoji to add them easily when you tweet from your desktop.

The new design includes shortcuts quick keyboard, and also the option for Advanced Search, In addition to the update profile page and the homepage, so that previously there were 3 columns to show tweets and trend accounts to follow, but the new design reduces the columns to two columns only containing the content classified and divided neatly.

The new design reduces the reliance on mouse clicks and the amount of time necessary to find comments on popular topics, in addition to providing better search results, so you may find that the design of the new asymptotic version design smart phones.

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