Twitter launches new feature for iOS lets browse the accounts without moving from the home page

تويتر تطلق ميزة على iOS تتيح تصفح الحسابات دون الانتقال من الصفحة الرئيسية

The company revealed on Twitter her account of the official for the new feature asked by the users of iPhone and iOS system, where this feature allows users with different accounts, reviewed in a simple manner on the main page without having to navigate to the page the user see the data.

The new feature will show the account to browse in the apartments are bottom of the interface once you click on any user name through the tweets shown on the main interface (The Times).

Certainly think this feature is easier to see users ‘ data without transition of the interface as was the case with the mouse pass in front of the name of the user to show the data on the desktop version but different is simple, and perhaps we’ll see her soon on the Twitter application for the Android system in the case of the most popular.

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