Twitter launches new feature “hide replies” controversial in two new states

Announced Twitter on Thursday announced the launch of a feature (hide replies) Hide her replies controversial – which aims to make conversations more civilized – in all of the United States, Japan, and, after being tested in Canada.

The launch of this feature of the most prominent changes to have taken place on Twitter in its history, as it allows users to control the conversations that take place, they can hide the responses that they prepare are abusive, or does not enrich the discussion.

To protect freedom of expression, the responses of the hidden not deleted from Twitter, but hide from the eye, as can those who wanted to see it from the users click on the option to show replies hidden that appears under the tweet.

Twitter launches new feature “hide replies” controversial in two new states

Although the networks other social media allow users to delete replies is abusive, but Twitter is itself a platform for freedom of expression, but the new feature comes to the task of users who are offend others. This adds a new option to the previous options made available by Twitter until now, such as: books, drilling, and reporting.

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Since the feature was launched in Canada in July, she said Twitter: most of the people use the water to hide the responses that they find it irrelevant, offensive, or incomprehensible. The user comments are also positive, he said those who used the tool: they found it a useful way to intervene in what they saw, similar to mute keywords.

In addition to hide the responses, it appears with its own menu of other options, including the mute tweets from the publisher, prohibit it, or mute the conversation, or reporting on Twitter.

Despite reaching the United States and Japan, but Twitter says that the feature “hide replies” still in the process of testing, as the company continues to evaluate the system, which is not available to site users around the world.

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