Twitter launches their new application for Mac supported operating system Catalina

Twitter started a new phase in the development of the application of their own brows Mac, where it launched a new version operating-system-specific Catalina.

What distinguishes this version is that the app is built on the framework of the working Catalyst, which enables developers to convert their own apps with the iPad to run on the Mac without having to reprogram the entire application, but just some adjustments.

Twitter has announced that it will support the framework since the conference of Apple developers last June, Hamas Twitter was surprising, especially as it had been neglected in the previous update applied on the edges of the passing parade.

And now you think Twitter is the most prominent technology companies and large adopted the framework in their application to operating system computers Mac later, especially after it became available for download recently.

When you run the application you will feel from first glance that it is not a Mac application real but a modified version of an iPad app to teach within a window instead of full screen.

Anyway, would care so much a fan of Twitter who are browsing via the computers Mac to get a new copy to develop new and perhaps start a Twitter now sends updates faster than the previous.

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