Twitter launches twttr experimental app

Twitter introduced an experimental app twttr, whose announcement took place last month. This information in his blog confirmed the official representatives of the service, announcing the beginning of the program pre-testing. Under the new initiative, the developers plan to test the new features that will later appear in the release version of the client, if it proves its efficiency and usefulness.

Twitter limits the number of users who access the testing program twttr. However, to apply to participate can be anyone. To do this, go to the appropriate page and fill out the form. In the case that the system will choose you as a tester, your postal address, to which is attached a valid account on the service, you will receive the link to download an experimental application.

“Initially, the new app twttr will focus on testing a new form of dialogues between users, — explained the representatives of Twitter. Experimental version will demonstrate a completely different response format for the messages that will have a more rounded shape and the indentation. This will help ease their [messages] perception.”

According to users invited to test a new format of dialogue — one of the most significant differences twttr. If in the release version of the app message users look like self-publishing, twttr, it was decided to make them similar to chat messages. It is hoped that this will facilitate perception of letters and make them more personal, as if the users communicated with each other in the messenger, implying greater protection of correspondence between the parties.

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