Twitter lets you follow topics that interest you next to the accounts

The tweets can be very useful to keep abreast of the latest news on various subjects and areas, but to do so should follow specific accounts, and often sink these accounts outside the context of the topics interested him.

It of November 13 th, will be a new feature of Twitter allows you to follow specific topics of the next accounts, which gives you a good opportunity to follow the topics and areas you are interested in the role of follow-up of certain accounts.

Irrespective of tweets is important about the topics that you will be able to see it, will allow you this feature also to discover tweets from people who maybe didn’t have them, and they say things helpful and interesting for you, the company also hopes to facilitate the water to new users from the start in the statute.

In the meantime, this may be confusing to some extent, where you may not have people who log on to Twitter for the first time the idea about the people who must follow them, regardless of some friends, celebrities and local suppliers.

To follow a certain theme, you only need to search for a topic that you care about, and you will see a description of the topic listed a the top of the search process, then you can just click on the button “continue”. After that, you will see a reference to the tweets in your timeline the source topic which have its.

Source: The Verge

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