Twitter live the advantage of knowing the source of the Twitter once again to develop on the iOS

You Twitter by adding new features to the application level, but sometimes the company decides to remove these features due to the fact that some of these nurses are not ready for use and does not work well in practice.

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But this time the situation is different where he announced the “Jack Dorsey” the CEO of Twitter about the return of the feature “tweet source labe” which show the source of the Twitter once again to Twitter application on iPhones, it is noteworthy that the removal of this feature from the iOS app for some reason about six years ago, and is now back again.

Feature allows the source of the tweet, these Twitter users know the source of the tweet which always appear next to the date and time at the bottom of the tweet, which aims to provide more information about Twitter.

In fact we don’t know what is the reason for the revitalization of Twitter this feature again, but no doubt they could have proved their usefulness so it has been returned again.


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