Twitter may choose to hide replies to tweets serial

Discover one of the parents Security that the Twitter choose a property management responses so that the user can hide other people’s responses to his tweets, the serial with to keep the button to view the tweets hidden.

And through reverse engineering came researcher Jane Manchun Wong to having the option to hide tweets user posted tweets under tweets sequential, and when you press the option to hide will show only the tweets the user the owner of the goods with an option to show tweets hidden, other users can still pressure him to see all the tweets in the series, both of which belongs to the owner of the goods or for the rest.

Of course I didn’t start following the Twitter test the waters on a select Limited of its users even means she is still weak, the probability of released and adopted, chiefly because it has been misused by some users such as politicians and opinion leaders and influence so that they hide the tweets of their opponents opinion although there is the option to view the replies hidden.

And I Twitter all the a period of criticism of the match on the freedom of expression, especially when used by some important figures such as US President Donald Trump or managers of companies like Elon Musk and others to view their opinions and communicate with the audience.

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