Twitter network stop working and exit for users automatically

Twitter network to stop the service abruptly just before the problem lead to log out users from their accounts.

شبكة تويتر تتوقف عن العمل وتسجل خروج للمستخدمين تلقائيًاTwitter network stop working and exit for users automatically

Problem seems to be that social networking will not be available during the current period, after the stop Facebook and their networks and relationships communicate own most of the time during the past period, most recently the beginning of the week the current time on the network Twitter, which stopped its service on smartphone apps and on the desktop version of a sudden without knowing why.

The current problem to log out of the user accounts automatically on the desktop version as it happened with me before few.

It should be noted that this problem is not first encountered by the network during the current week, it has already got a problem in the message service the beginning of the week but did not receive adequate attention because of the give apps Facebook, WhatsApp, enter together in the same period.

We are currently awaiting to know why the service crashes unexpectedly, and before that it depends on the service return until we get the police response.

But when will that be?

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