Twitter now supports feature channels stuff on Android oreo



One of the new features in the Android version oreo 8.0 is Channels the notice, which gives the user the ability to control the categories of notifications for each application and specifically the settings of Android itself, for example, the user can with this feature to identify important notices from the gas is important, by making the breath silent with vibration or make it without the vibration or make it naturally, in other words determining the priority of any notice, with the reputation how the emergence of “a sound, a vibration, nothing.”

In the context of WhatsApp days ago he came to this water but in the demo, and today the application of Twitter joined the group of applications that support this feature, the strange thing is that Twitter didn’t know that we didn’t notice water in the change log of updates on Google Play.

Generally if your device works by oreo and you have a Twitter application, simply long press on any notification you get from the app, currently supported channels and several categories, most notably the notifications of direct messages, and making proposed recommendations, and re-tweets and admiring, etc of the notifications key.

تويتر يدعم الآن ميزة قنوات الاشعار على أندرويد أوريو

But too bad that the notices here did not coincide between the settings of channels of the stuff in the Android and treaties Twitter itself, for example, if you shut down notifications of tweets from people you follow in the preparation of the bomb itself, it is still Twitter push notifications, but anyway, be silent without sound, and hope of Twitter to work on improving it.

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