Twitter offers the feature of Timestamps to cut the video broadcast direct

تويتر Timestamps

تويتر Timestamps

Has announced on Twitter account the official video company for the thrown property Timestamps, which enables users to control live and identify which part they want to display to the public.

Speaking of the new property, it is in the case there was a partial specific live tv and the person wants in its followers directly and without the participation of the entire video, the user will be able to determine the starting point, which wants stores to see it. And last, the user will be able to cut any clip within the video live broadcast and publish it separately on his account.

Can say that this feature will help users substantially, as they will clip the video clip directly on Twitter without having to download the sacred story, and then re-upload it again. As you won’t need followers to see the video broadcast in full to see one of the stills.

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