Twitter revealed that it has share your data with advertisers without your permission

Revealed Twitter this week within the settings page ads on the center support that it probably involved your data without your permission with its partners in the field of advertising and marketing so that they can run particular measurements, and all of this without your permission.

What happened is that you if you press on the ad on the Twitter application understanding of the site share certain data about you with the author of the declaration of code of your state as it provides the advertiser about your way of thinking with its own ad and more details about it, this is the beginning of the May 2018 date.

Added Twitter to it since September 2018 has to show ads to users based on the quality of devices that use them, except that the company has added confirmed that data such as e-mail or password is not shared with anyone.

What ever it was -most likely – is unintentional from the company where the company added, saying that it has been solved this problem on Day 5 last August and they are still stable in investigations on the number of users who were influencing them.

Source: TechSpot

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