Twitter reveals its new policy towards the accounts of the gas real

تويتر ستنهي الدعم لتطبيقها على ماك بعد 30 يوم

تويتر تكشف عن سياستها الجديدة تجاه الحسابات الغير حقيقية

Founder of Twitter jack Dorsey in March about the company’s work to improve the environment for conversation and exchange of views on Twitter, it seems that the company has to travel on a new approach to calculations of gas real or “trolls”.

Andthe company said in a statement, she began following a new policy towards this type of accounts, which leads the owners to enter into talks with the people of the house of Commons, as they reply to tweets in a way that is decent often. This makes the users to report those accounts immediately to see her, even without the dangers of her policy of Twitter.

And Twitter accounts that are contrary to the policy of twitter, the general does not exceed 1% of the total accounts that are reported, which made them develop a system based on artificial intelligence that automatically analyzes all the tweets and replies on the network even before users others see her sometimes, and then the team check Twitter to make sure its safety.

This will also make the responses that come from this type of account is not directly visible, i.e., that the responses will not appear the bottom the tweet directly, it will be under the hidden list the user can open it or leave it without seeing it. Which means that the new system developed by Twitter will be on the analysis of the responses and keep the right ones, but they will appear directly as normal as the rest of the responses, but the user will have to click on the “Read More” to see the responses that come accounts not true and do not contradict the policy of the company.

The company revealed that the new system contributed to the decline in the proportion of abuse through research to 4%, The reason for the decline is estimated at 8% of the abuses that come from the responses.


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