Twitter set time line “time line” to its former shape depending on the time of the tweets

تويتر تُعيد الخط الزمني "التايم لاين" لشكله السابق تبعًا لوقت التغريدات

When we started to use Twitter, twitter known sequentially based on the time of publication to appear as real time, but surprisingly did Twitter change it almost two years ago, to get the tweets important to appear in the foreground when you open a web page or app.

Although this has its advantages, however, users in the majority of them were seeing the change does not fit the place, it seems that the company finally heard the so decided to return to the old again, but with more options for the user to control what he sees.

During the financial period, was the tweet important of the non-followers, or of people follow the show in the beginning of the page, as there were signals in the case of one of the followers of admiration or interact with someone else, which fills up the time line “time line” things don’t matter.

Andthe company says that the new changes will begin appearing for some users currently, and then will appear in full in the next period, and the emergence of the timeline, just go to Settings and choose Preferences content, and then determine the shape.

Blog Twitter live time line “time line” to its former shape depending on the time of the tweet appeared first on the tech world.

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