Twitter stopped most of the advantages the applications the gas is finally official.

تويتر توقف أغلب مزايا التطبيقات الغير رسمية أخيرًا

The tweets were protecting the strong against the accounts and various services, while apps like Tweetbot and Twitterrific, and Talon works continuously to provide its services the usual and differently from the application of the native twitter, the company also is expected to stop most of the advantages of those applications.

The company was granted permission for third-party applications access to its service across several advantages through the API, which made developers of the applications they are developing a better user interface and the advantages of more users so they get greater pleasure during use Twitter, so that the original app had a different interface and the advantages of less – app original added mostly later.

But after the new campaign, the company decided to shut down most the main advantages of such applications; where that direct update of the time line in the main page will be positions will be updated every two minutes automatically, and notifications of follow-up messages and conversation will depend on access, which is the same thing that mentioned update Tweetbot yesterday.

Said Rob Johnson, one of the directors of the company, they are since 2011 and she explains to application developers of the third party refrain from certain uses, as there are developers still in the trial period since 9 years, the panel on all matters, the decision best to maintain a healthy environment and safe, which made them to sign some more in the API which is considered key for third-party applications.

Also, added Johnson, is that the official app from the company’s app is the best and most privacy for users.

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