Twitter store co geo-location data for users of the iPhone error

I think Twitter has it as a result of the bug, The collect, store and share geo-location data for a number of its users through the application of its official iPhone.

Back the software has now been repaired and the affected who have registered to access via the same app more than one account, therefore, the collection of the Twitter geo-location data and watch it when you tweet with other accounts that are not enabled publication of the geographical location.

She explained to Twitter that she worked on pulling the geo-location data collected accidentally and the arrival of its advertisers not to exploit the targeted users but they failed to do so, so she had to fake geographic location to be away by about 5 miles of the exact location of which has been collected from the user’s phone in an attempt to not show the real location.

But despite the prospect of the arrival of geo-location data collected without the intent of users and share them with advertisers, but they kept it for a short time before deleting them.

It’s good to be on Twitter this level of transparency with its users, but it is always better to avoid such mistakes, although their impact was limited.

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