Twitter supports to add guests to the live broadcast

Announced the social networking site Twitter on Wednesday about adding a new feature to the live streaming service allows users to invite up to three guests to the broadcast.

Twitter has said in a publication on her blog: “can conversations on Twitter in several ways, adds another update to service Direct broadcast is yet another how to discuss what happens”.

The company added that users can, as of today, a live broadcast, and then invite up to three people as guests. It can be for all stores to hear the voices of the guests, as guests can get out of the broadcast at any time.

And Twitter may support the feature to invite guests to the live broadcast in the application of the live broadcast of Don’t – “Rico” Brazil – in the month of February last, and now decided to bring it to their main application.

It is believed that this step demonstrates the importance that has become a feature of live streaming is by social media networks, even while struggling. fears about its misuse, especially after the broadcast of a terrorist, New Zealand famine – which killed 51 Muslim during Friday prayer – directly on Facebook, adding to the pressure on the networks to work on combating the spread of terrorist content.

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To allow guests to join the live video, users can click on the icon of the double-sided smiley face that appears during the broadcast, and then clicking on the signal “overload” the + to add guests to the broadcast. Can Guest 5 seconds before it shows up in the broadcast.


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