Twitter take action to reduce the impact of tweets politicians abusive

The company said Twitter Thursday: it’s going to happen and reduces the emphasis on the tweets that come out of their bases, but they came from important people, like politicians, in order to achieve a balance between freedom of expression and accountability.

Come to the new water at a time subject to the company Twitter to sift through on the political transition, because of the tweets that appear on the site.

The US President (Donald Trump) – which is among the more politicians sink based on the site, and has more than 61 million follow – along conservative and others, have been accused on more than one occasion companies technical bias against them, in favour of the Liberals.

Twitter has said it today: the new rules will apply to politicians, government officials, who have more than 100,000 follow-up. She added in a publication on her blog: “there are certain cases may be of interest to the public access to the tweets of a certain, even if it violates our rules”.

And Twitter has allowed in the past for those tweets to stay within the site, because they serve the public interest, according to the company. For now, the tweets will keep its place, but it won’t show to the user, unless he chooses that for them, similar to some of the content that the company deems offensive.

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Twitter take action to reduce the impact of tweets politicians abusive

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